more portraits, some laserjizz + bubba

Still drawing portraits.

The first one is for my sister.

My favorite character Bubba from my favorite console game ever, Poy Poy 2.
Try not to mock this game at first glance, it requires more finesse, wit, flawless timing, patience, multi-tasking, devilish cunning and general gaming skill, than any game I've ever played -- and mastered.


available comic + random things

Hey everybody.
Look at the bottom of the post for the shoppin'.

Trying out some new things on

A coloring experiment with the main character of my forthcoming comic ''Obsolete'', published by Nobrow Press in the beginning of 2011:

Serious dolled up dancing vs. sloppy hobo dancing:

Same as in the last post, but w. minor changes added:

Some people have asked me where they can buy my published work, but I actually have a little box of comics right here. Sorry for the very delayed reply to these requests.

The comic is called ''Z'' in 22 page and in b/w. I will add a magic post card, a sketch inside the comic and a separate English translation, even though there's not a lot of words in it. Just write me if you are interested: miggelsommer@gmail.com It will probably be around 10 $ / 7 € (maybe a bit more if it's really expensive to send it).
This is how it looks:


meat + rock n' roll

I apologize for this ongoing stream of blank characters I've been posting recently. I can easily imagine it's not really that interesting to look at in the long run. It's really just meant to be line- and color tests, as if I was preparing for something grand.? Or perhaps I'm merely just overly indecisive? Nevertheless, here's some more:



Since I've never really done any portraits before, I did a massive list of people I wanted to draw. Started yesterday, four down, sixteen to go.
Can you recognize any of them?

The second main character from an upcoming comic--still trying to figure out the colors.

Bought some new cheap soft A3 paper and some new pens, gave 'em a try.