I've been working on some different things over the past months, but I still can't post any of it yet. Soon though.
Right now I'm working on some drawings for the new version of Astrid Lindgren's ''Mio, Min Mio'' (Mio, My Son). It's an absolute superb honor. The book meant a lot to me as a kid, and still does. 
Below is a rough version of the chosen cover. I will redo it later on.

Here's the rejected ideas for the cover.

And some tests for an interior illustration. I have not yet found the final approach.


the art game (II)

Some more portraits from the the art game.

 *This is not the final version of the Banksy portrait, it had to be changed for copyright reasons.


the art game (I)

Approximately a year ago I made 32 portraits of famous artists for a top trumps card game, published by Laurence King Publishing. You can read more about it HERE.

*This is not the final version of the Magritte portrait, it had to be changed for copyright reasons.
*This is not the final version of the Dalí portrait, it had to be changed for copyright reasons.


gacaca and other

Here are some rough test-pages for a possible book project. 
I will probably end up drawing it quite differently though, and in simple colors.

Some character design and sketches for the same project.

A test for a book I'm working on now. It's a long war poem about hate, written in diary form and fully illustrated. I will post some of the drawings and more info when I'm done with the book.

Head like a fucking orange (you know who I'm talking about).

Here's some animals I drew for my daughter. And beneath that a rather successful collaboration.