stars for genitals

pin-up, schmin-up

Last weeks theme in my school was old school pin-ups.

Her torso and stomach seems to be a little to flat but fuck it.

I did this pretty fast and I'm fairly satisfied with the outcome. With the pillow as an exception.


fungus party

This is another drawing for my class theme jam. This was the week before last weeks theme, fungus party. I got stuck in the middle, but finally finished today.

here's the lines in pencil.

here's the first try...which is where I got stuck. I've never done a piece with so many characters in it at once and I ended up given every single thing an individual color which is just a pain! I ended up with these colors and thought they where way to awkward and a little all over the place.

and the final version. I decided to start all over with the colors earlier today and it probably took my around 6 hours to finish.


yet another poster

A poster for film night at my school. Perhaps I went a little crazy with all the different fonts... I really wanna get better at writing on my drawings.


the bum-tank

We recently started a weekly drawing jam in my class and I'm a little behind:I ..this was last weeks theme: scrap vehicles.

I did a rougher sketch before this one with blue pencils, but since it's almost the same I didn't bother posting it.

And here's the final colored version...