color tests with your good ol buddy, zangief

Just playing around with shading techniques on an old drawing of one of my all time favorite russians.

Here's the quick groundwork, done with a lasso.

Then I went over to painter and played around with some tool that I can't really remember.

Since it's just a test there aren't really any final version, but this one I really like as well. This was done in photoshop with some fancy brush I made.

sea-monstrosities and homosexual bums

I was in Lawrence Marvit's design class a couple of weeks ago and it was hard on the brains. There we dealt with value (in grayscale), space, texture and sculptural form.

One of the first assignments was to sculpt a sea-monster with pencil or photoshop making it as dynamic as we could.

Then we did a romantic scene in a junkyard, building up an atmospheric feel by stacking values and to make it interesting spatially.
Lines was actually kind of a no no in this assignment but I find it really hard working with only shapes and no borders.

And here's the final version.


two old jews in a boat & a sea of dead fish

Here's another poster for my school.
I really like the feeling of this and I'm considering doing a whole series with these guys investigating paranormal oddities, like hellboy, but in a really boring way without any fighting.

Here's the lines.

A quick colortest.

And the final poster.