yakuza in a sprint

Here's a run cycle I did in school last week. The sketch below was done to figure out the colors and the style. And for those of you who wants to zoom to get a better look at the animation, but doesn't know how to (yep, that's you mom) hold Ctrl while scrolling ;)



DonaldHelloStudio said...

now zats pretty cool!

Thomas Mikkelsen said...

Så kom der alligevel noget godt ud af den skole :P

jakob_sievers said...

"man løber hurtiger med kniv-hænder, ligesom i tha matrix" mmmm

glæder mig til at se noget mere

Ron said...

yakuza don't run

Tali said...

flipping sweet run cycle!

Mitali P said...

lol I zoomed
inspiring work !!