broken bones

I visited a sassy buddy of mine two weeks ago. Real late one night we decided we should do some drawing instead of just sitting around eating nuts and playing guitarhero (even though those things are pretty rad as well). So we decided on doing a little comic jam. To find the themes we went to wikipedia and pressed random article twice each and those were our themes. My first theme was Cerro El Potosí, one of the highest mountains in northeast Mexico. And my second theme was some random jewish sitcom.
We only had around 3 hours to come up with a story, write the dialogs, do the layouts and sketch it as tightly as we could. It's just been laying around and I've only just recently cleaned it up and put some color on it. There's still some stuff I might change, perhaps the font.


Lars said...

when will the jewish sit-com be available on dvd?

EclecticBox said...

That's a great result for a comic jam!
Love your line work, sketches and animation bits... I'll keep watching!