color class

This week I had a short two days course in color theory using paint. I haven't painted much before, but it's something I've always wanted to do. And I guess that one of the things that threw me off about it, was the fact that you actually had to mix every single color yourself. And when you've used photoshop for a while, where color picking is like using the toilet and you always have adjustments and filters if you fuck things up, you easily get really lazy.
In the end of the second day we had to copy a painting in about 2 or 3 hours using a big brush and focusing on the colors and not on the objects. This is far from done, but I ran out of time.
I picked a painting by Anders Zorn.

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SCH√úLLER said...

in my case it was the other way around... i began painting oil on canvas and eventually i discovered photoshop... (a friend of mine name it flojoshop -kind of 'flaw-ho' [ho like in hospital] pronounced- flojo is the spanish word for lazy)... & it has been quite an experience to migrate form "real" painting on canvas to photoshop and the other way around... i lernt many things from this... very nice job (really) regards!!!