summer's over, time for ''work''

I'm back. Had a great summer! Hope you guys had a good one to)
Started design school around a month ago and recently decided to drop out. I'm really tired of schools just weighing on me and attending them because it's the ''right thing'' to do. So I just started freelancing full time and it feels great! I almost haven't been drawing all summer, so it's a bit tough on the brain starting again. So here's some random and some not so random work that I've done over the last couple of weeks.

This is for the burning wet dinosaurs starting again. I mean, who doesn't love street fighter)

Cd cover for the Artems.

Research on old school prison guards.

New design for spider-man... when it's cold in NY.

Research for a short comic I'm doing.


Jake said...

Welcome back. I dropped out of school too, that was 10 years ago...never looked back.

Diggin the new stuff!

Ben Newman said...

great stuff. love the cd cover.

Isaac_Lenkiewicz said...

Nice one man.

Really good stuff, I love drawing realistic spider-man :) I've got a couple of ideas for a spiderman with no super powers.

Anyway, good to see some new work!

mayhem said...

EVERYONE likes streetfighter! Super cool!