a short comic

Here's a short comic I finished two days ago. At the moment, I'm trying to practice more on making comics than drawing illustrations. Though it's practically the same thing, drawing comics just seems much tougher. I tend to play (mess) around with the design and the look for way too much time, and end up not finishing it, because of the pressure put on me by no one but myself.
So I challenged myself, which always is a good thing to do. Drawing in your safe zone feels really good, but you don't really move
So what I did was, I gave myself half an hour to come up with a story and write it down. Then, with some two inch thumbnails and no detailed sketches, I had to draw the six pages in one evening. And then another evening to color the whole thing.

Here's the lines first. Trying to keep it a little loose and simple a
nd not to think too much.

And here's the colors without the lines. Trying again to keep it simple and working more in flats.

And here's the final comic.



Done for the ''weekly'' blog theme. I'm behind in my schedule. It hurts.

Here's the sketches. The bottom left one was the first sketch. The big one is just to figure out the composition. And the two small ones were done to try out the values and the shading.

The ink.

And done.