- with a vengeance

So, it would seem that the last post I did here was on the 25th of December. Quite a little chunk of time, huh? A lot of stuff has happened during the last three months. After dropping out of animation school I got accepted into the design school, that didn't feel right, so dropped out of that one too. Started freelancing (barely) roughly three months ago. Had a long time where I didn't really draw anything. I didn't feel like it at all, it scared me a bit, but I got over it again. Been working for a creative company the last couple of months drawing (supposedly) funny fruit illustrations used for advertising. Got some really cool comic gigs recently that I've been spending most of my energy on. Three of them are solo projects while the last one is for an anthology featuring sprouting folks in danish comics.
For the danish readers out there (and for those who might swing by here for some reason) there's the biannual comic book festival here in Copenhagen between the 21st and the 23rd of May. I will have my first published work there, and will be signing and sketching in a stand two of the days for a couple of hours, and will most likely hang around there all the time like a sweaty little nerd.

Here's the cover of one of the comics I made for the festival. It's quite small, 13 x 13 cm, 22 pages in b/w. I had a high fever when I made it so it's even stranger than my regular work.

And the back cover.

A drawing I did for my buddy Glenn for his birthday of one of his favorite rappers, MF Doom.

An uptight bureaucrat, safe in his car with a his hamster friend.

Some random man who apparently was hiding inside my head.

Me, Thomas and Glenn if we were cloned or somehow made a baby. Please don't ask me why I did this.

My short opening part of the ongoing online comic, Spera. There's some really cool people on this gig so do check it out.

My dream is to one day produce an art book solely consisting of toilet sketches. Who wouldn't pay for that?

A couple of sketches neurotically taped together. Here we have good old Haddock, some loco ese, Japanese fetus man, floating tofu and surprised fella.

This is basically all I did when I had my creative drought. Small sketches of faces - taping the good ones together. I have impractically many pages like this one. You might notice Jermaine and Bret in there somewhere.

A Jewish bike messenger.

Observing a drunk bum for later reference.

Glenn doodling Ultraman.

Son of a great German artist.

Ink wash experiment.

Ongoing struggle to find a look for a comic I wrote a while back which is now being published by Nobrow before Christmas.

Same as above. Beard design.

A painting I did on a postcard for my girlfriend. The halo was golden.

I bought almost all of the old Tin Tin albums a couple of months ago. They're in English and all hand lettered. Crazy shit. Not that this is a character from Tin Tin, but it's certainly inspired by it.

Inmate about to stab some other scum in the face.

And if you have any comments in the form of actual questions and since blogger isn't ideal for two way communication, please do throw me an email instead: miggelsommer@gmail.com
Thanks for reading,
- mikkel


Aviv Itzcovitz said...

Woah... I think you've just made up for all the months you didn't post. That's one huge awesome post.

Miklós Felvidéki said...

awesome stuff!

Freddy Carrasco said...

the book of toilet drawings would be amazing... what else are you supposed to do while you poop?

Matthew Datchuk said...

Looks pretty awwwwwwesome!

Eimhin said...

These are great Mikkel!
Hope them comics are coming to a web-based retail receptacle near me soon

Anonymous said...

that's awesome about the comics gig. keep running!

Bou said...

You are a genius!!
great work.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

mopka said...

you're awesome! just found you accidentally in someone's tumblr, cool cool cool