It's been a while since I've posted anything, so here's a bit of this and a bit of that.
I wrote in an earlier post about the 24 paged comic 'Obsolete', which I've been working on for Nobrow Press for some time now. Well, it's all done and polished now and will be published in April. I'll do a post about it then, and add some of the pages.

Here's a sketch I felt like coloring:

Here's a style-test I did the other day for a comic I will hopefully start preparing for soon and probably finish some time next year. It's written by my buddy Bartosz Sztybor.
Why is it so horridly difficult to decide even the smallest of things? I certainly hope that some of the artists I admire out there are as indecisive as me sometimes, cos that would really reassure me.

And here's some random sketches, tests and a birthday present:

Here's a selection of some single page stories I worked on for the Danish book 'Pære-Perker-Dansk' which includes 9 short stories about immigrants, being an immigrant, feeling like you don't fit in, trying to fit in and prejudice in general. It was challenging to write, but a great experience. The book was published some months ago by Rosinante&Co.


Diantres said...

Fresh stuff man!

Cédrick LE BIHAN said...

SUPERBE !! Merci pour tout cela !! Ca valait le coup d'attendre !!

Henrik Sønniksen said...

Fedt Mikkel, tegneserierne holder

Sandra Brandstätter said...

me, myself and I we like the latest posts.

Mike Bear said...

Hi Mikkel,
Your friend Jesper gave me a link to your work, it's fantastic, very inspiring.

I like your different stylistic takes on the line work/shading for that guy in the hat. All of them are great. The first and third are my favorites.

Keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing more :)

Irma Kniivila said...

Augh, so incredible!

Mansilla said...

beautiful drawings!!

Anonymous said...

What is the Hobo saying to the Muslim lady?!

Leonardo Campasso said...

Your style is great men !!!!! Grettings from Argentina.

nicolás said...

I like the strong and free use of the line that you do.
Great and inspirated drawings.
Un abrazo,