bland epiphanies

A two page comic about the casual adventures of Saint Christopher and Little Jesus. They are meant to be printed as postcards. I did them for a workshop held in Riga by Nordicomics.   

Some work in progress, for an album cover.

Something small for my website.

A one page short I wrote and drew for Josh Tierney's 2nd Spera book, coming out sometime this summer, and published by Archaia.

And finally, here's a brilliant statue that my 12 year old little brother built in Minecraft.
There's lava coming out of his palms, need I say more?


John Welding said...

The Yonder one pager is brilliant, I love your storytelling and quality of drawing.

American Dirtbag said...

love yer artwork man. that saint christopher and little jesus is hilarious. baby beard

keep up all the dope work dude
- Scott