yellow zine

I'm going to the MoCCA fest in a weeks time. Wanted to bring something small and personal with me, and seeing I never made a zine before, well, I tried my luck at that.
It's around 28 pages long, features different little sections of drawings, all done in black paint, and has a horribly yellow cover.

On a side note, there's people I never thanked for featuring my work on their respective web-magazines. Sorry about that guys, here we go! 
First of all, I recently did an interview for the new Italian art & fashion web-magazine DATE HUB
Second, quite a little while back, the art-music-fashion-themed web-magazine FAN THE FIRE featured my work in a bunch of wordless spreads. 
Both are worth checking out!


burn out - design

At the moment I'm working on a comic called Burn Out, written by Antoine Ozanam, and for the French publisher KSTR / Casterman. It will be about 90 pages long, and will revolve around a cop by the name of Ethan Karoshi, during a nasty heatwave in 1980 in Reno, Nevada. The writer explains the story in a boiled-down sentence similar to this one:
  BURN OUT; a very dark one-shot. A descent into hell for a cop on the edge.
Here's a selection of the character designs and choices (or the lack thereof) of styles, that I've gone over so far.