Here's a fanart piece I did for a French comic book by two friends of mine, Guillaume Singelin and AurĂ©lien Ducoundray. It's the second installment (out of 3 I believe) in a series called The Grocery. Very action-packed stuff. Haven't read much of the first book, since it's in French, so had to force my wife into translating a few pages every once in a while before bed time, but it seems pretty goddam swell. 
This is my take on the universe.

Here's an illustration I did recently for The New York Times for a series of articles they are doing on anxiety.

Here's a four page comic written by Alex Spiro that I drew for Nobrow 7: Brave New World.

Here's something I did for a Tarot card project organized by Light Grey Art Lab. I got the Knight of Wands. 
It's up for pre-order here.

A birthday card for my Papa in law.

A t-shirt design I did together with my little brother when he was visiting me here in Berlin a few weeks ago. It contains most of what we spend our time and thoughts on.