berlin by bike

A little while ago I did some spot-color illustrations for one of the forthcoming Rapha City Cycling guides published by Thames & Hudson.

Here's the initial tests:

Here's some cyclists and landmarks:

My first seamless patterns for the maps:

And a couple of the final illustrations:

You should go to Berlin if you haven't been, it's pretty goddamn brilliant there.


Rodrigo Aviles said...


Chloé Nicolay said...

I think I recognized some places as I've been to Berlin once ! Very cool, very cool !

Christian Bøving-Andersen said...

Det ser fandme svedigt ud Mikkel!

Dustin d'Arnault said...

nice work man!

Joe said...

Oh man oh man these are too cool. I got back from Berlin a couple of weeks ago and these bring it all back!!!

Adam Temple said...

Great pieces! Did you sketch on site, or work from photos? It really feels like a tour.