Been a while. Most of what I've done over the last months have had lengthy production periods, if you can call it that, which means I still can't post any of it yet. There's a deck of top trumps, a children's book and some short comics. Will tell you more soon. Also, the comic Burn Out, which has been done now for a few months, will finally be out soon in French, Dutch and German. No English publisher as of yet. I will keep you updated on that as well.

Until then, here's some random drawings.

Something I did for the BLOG I have on the side with my bud Monty. We've had a little break, but things should start rolling again soon.


And here's something a little geeky. I made some new PS brushes and tried to copy this painting I really like by Feininger. So this is all digital. 
Then I tried doing a comic with the same technique, but quickly dropped that idea.


DanHale said...

Definitely let us know about an English publisher for Burn Out! Just finally read Obsolete and really liked it!

Wouter Goudswaard said...

Very cool that 'Burn Out' will also be published in Dutch :) Looking forward to it!