This weeks theme in my class is cannibals and this is what I came up with. Sort of a cliché really but what the shiz. I wanted a mignolaish sort of feel to it without it being too fanartsy, and I think I achieved it. This only took a couple of hours but thats probably because I didn't have to worry about the background or colored shadows.

Quick sketch in pencil...

And here, with some simple ink and colors.


miller's crossin'

I basically just copied the original movie poster but I kinda like the lines. I did it in no time which sort of makes it movie poster croquis.


frank 'n stein

In design class we did an illustrated semi-abstract, stylized and compressed version of the original frakenstein story.

Here's the first one I did. This was way to cliché and character focused, but I kinda like the look of it anyhow.

And here's the final one. A little to many details for the assignment but fudge it.


In this exercise we had a week to do a circus themed animation. I worked together with my
buddy Kristoffer. I did the characterdesign with his advice and animated the monkey, and Kristoffer animated the bear.
(kristoffer to the left, me to the right)

Here's the characters.

And here's the final, but far from finished, animation. The quality of the linetester pretty much makes it almost impossible to see my character...weak.

some more animation

We recently had a couple of weeks of doing walks.

Here's the pink panther in a ''normal'' walk. The tail is a little wonky.

Here he is again in a more personalized walk, a macho walk. With some shit rapped around it.

And then we did a dog walk.

And finally, a dog walking in perspective. This one was fairly hard since it's the first perspective walk we've done and the fact that it's with four legs.