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Hey everybody.
Look at the bottom of the post for the shoppin'.

Trying out some new things on

A coloring experiment with the main character of my forthcoming comic ''Obsolete'', published by Nobrow Press in the beginning of 2011:

Serious dolled up dancing vs. sloppy hobo dancing:

Same as in the last post, but w. minor changes added:

Some people have asked me where they can buy my published work, but I actually have a little box of comics right here. Sorry for the very delayed reply to these requests.

The comic is called ''Z'' in 22 page and in b/w. I will add a magic post card, a sketch inside the comic and a separate English translation, even though there's not a lot of words in it. Just write me if you are interested: miggelsommer@gmail.com It will probably be around 10 $ / 7 € (maybe a bit more if it's really expensive to send it).
This is how it looks:

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