more portraits, some laserjizz + bubba

Still drawing portraits.

The first one is for my sister.

My favorite character Bubba from my favorite console game ever, Poy Poy 2.
Try not to mock this game at first glance, it requires more finesse, wit, flawless timing, patience, multi-tasking, devilish cunning and general gaming skill, than any game I've ever played -- and mastered.


Miklós Felvidéki said...

What the hell, you're posting up stuff pretty often nowadays, NICE!

Keep up the good work!

To said...

this is pure awesomeness....especially the 3rd one down - you knew it

john said...

Love the portrait of your sister!

Thomas Mikkelsen said...

You sick mother licker! I love it! Har lånt den til min facebook hvis det er ok. Jeg skal også lige ha' forklaret nogle af graferne på Glenns billede.

Anonymous said...

your work is AMAZING!