Haven't posted in a while, had some nasty computer cooties© and a mushy brain.

Just started working on my first big comic, will update y'all later in the process.

Here's some sketches I did in the back of my old comic, Z.

A drawing for a friend.

Here's two discarded magazine covers. Same issue.

Here's a character I did for a screen-printed flip book where the figures are divided into head, torso and legs, like those children play-books. I'll update you later when the book is printed.

Here's a test I did with soft pencils, searching for that hand-made look.

A commission.

Here's a couple of sketches I did in the back of Obsolete.

Here's a style-test for the comic I just started working on.


Mark Kjærgaard said...

Booom Mikkel! Super fedt, hele dynen!

Anonymous said...

Helt enig makker. SMACK

sussman said...

great work :) i like your style

kel said...

love that dolphin man mikkel.
excellent, man!


Sandra Brandstätter said...

My favourite is the drawing for a friend and the dearguy holding his hands in a sheltering position infront of him.

Roxie said...

Oh man! That dog in a smoking jacket! SO AMAZING

Nathan Summers said...

Really awesome stuff. You're definitely one of my favorite artists I've come across.

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To said...

Looks like you've gotten around to do lots of amazing work since I left :)

Lenn said...

Your Art Work inspire me alot
great job carry on