Sorry about the lack of posting, I've been spending all my working hours doing thumbnails and planning colors for the new comic I'm working on. 140 pages, lots of environments and strong emotions, a big challenge. I got past the stage where I was too intimidated to do anything at all, my brain hurting from speculating too much, as when you would ponder on paradoxes in time-traveling and get lost.

This drawing has no relevance whatsoever, but lightens the otherwise heavy mood of the post by several ounces.

Back to relative reality. Here's a couple of tests, not on the style itself, more on the technique and the tools. I keep thinking I should stop doing all these tests and just draw, but how else would I find out how to draw anything without regretting it half-way through a book, right?

Testing out the coloring technique. It has to look crisp, but not take up too much time. I have to finish the whole comic in November, so I don't have too much time for knobbing about. Don't know if it's too time-consuming to color the outlines of things, it's just a habit now, I feel that nothing really looks finished before I do that. It's easy with one character, with no background, but most likely something completely different when you got big crowds, complex backgrounds and weather effects.

Not an actual character from the comic, but still a test.


kathryn durst said...

ahhh, these are all so great! i love to see all your stylistic explorations. they are all so pleasing to the eye, i don't know how you decide!

good luck with your comic, can't wait to see more :)

Anon said...

yeah, don't stop testing - they're good for other artists to see and are objectively and individually pretty damn cool.