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The CoCo (Copenhagen Comics) festival was held a few weeks ago. So me and my two burning wet dinosaur mates, Mighty Horse and Albert, decided to make a little zine, dedicated to all our favorite games, old and new, but leaning towards the old. 

I'm a bit of a go-kart racing game nut, so here's a medley collecting some of my favorites through the years: 

Even though it's not very cool and retro (yet), I still love the good old counter-strike and day of defeat (I tend to prefer the latter). Lovely simple games.

These are some crucial props from my all time favorite game, Poy Poy 2. One day I will make an immense comic about the game, I swear it to you all!

The brilliant world of KATAMARI:

Naturally, a bit of Street Fighter II:

Heroes of Might & Magic III, O how my heart throbs for this game! Evidently, I was quite tired of drawing at this point and ended up doing this beautiful collage instead:

And here's a quick logo-thing I whipped up for the zine, but flunked towards the end.

Here's a few of the sketches I did in books for people at the festival: 

And finally, here's a little cassette tape design I did for my buddy AF THE NAYSAYER

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StineStregen said...

BEDSTE tegning af sammenbidt mand nogensinde. De andre er også naaaajs.