I should do stuff in watercolors more often. It's fun. The colors look really screwed up when you scan it though...don't really know how to fix that. This was done for my Mom's boyfriend for his birthday. He played american football as a kid and had a crazy blond afro.


crayon drug raid

I wanted it to seem like the druggies inside the house were really fucked up. And what better way to show that than drawing everything around them like a kid's drawing. I had a fun time doing the research and practicing drawing like a kid. My mom found these really old and dried up crayons I had as a kid, so they were probably somewhere around 18 years old.

broken bones

I visited a sassy buddy of mine two weeks ago. Real late one night we decided we should do some drawing instead of just sitting around eating nuts and playing guitarhero (even though those things are pretty rad as well). So we decided on doing a little comic jam. To find the themes we went to wikipedia and pressed random article twice each and those were our themes. My first theme was Cerro El Potosí, one of the highest mountains in northeast Mexico. And my second theme was some random jewish sitcom.
We only had around 3 hours to come up with a story, write the dialogs, do the layouts and sketch it as tightly as we could. It's just been laying around and I've only just recently cleaned it up and put some color on it. There's still some stuff I might change, perhaps the font.

red and hittie

What they would most likely say if they meet.

color class

This week I had a short two days course in color theory using paint. I haven't painted much before, but it's something I've always wanted to do. And I guess that one of the things that threw me off about it, was the fact that you actually had to mix every single color yourself. And when you've used photoshop for a while, where color picking is like using the toilet and you always have adjustments and filters if you fuck things up, you easily get really lazy.
In the end of the second day we had to copy a painting in about 2 or 3 hours using a big brush and focusing on the colors and not on the objects. This is far from done, but I ran out of time.
I picked a painting by Anders Zorn.